What is migraine?

Migraine is a primary headache disorder characterized by recurrent self-limited headaches that are moderate to severe.

Who is affected by migraine?

In its different forms 10-15% of the world population is at least once a year affected. Its more severe and chronic form affects about 2% of world population. The disease affects more women than men. Migraine incidence is about 2-fold more frequent among women than men of all ages. Women suffer 47% more than man, wherefore the number of missed work-days due to bed convalesce is higher.

How to treat migraine?

Scientific evidences suggest that, abortive medications taken during the first sign of pain, ameliorate pain management in all cases. Of this, 66% completely abort migraine and 33% reduce pain.

What migraineurs did before they knew Brainguard?

It is known that the earlier the intake of medicines, the more effective they are. But because there was no prediction, migraineurs took the pills when they already felt the pain, and it is, in most of the cases, too late so they tended to overmedication, worsening the side effects.

What are the economical burden of migraineurs?

The financial burden of migraine on society comprises direct costs, associated with medical care, and indirect costs, caused by absence from work and reduced productivity. In general, the estimated indirect costs of migraine, especially due to work days lost, are substantial and are much higher than estimates of direct costs.


Is an objective prediction of a migraine attack possible?

We have developed an algorithm able to interpret real-time changes in physiological signs, and through machine learning, provide a prediction of migraine attack.

What are the advantages of Brainguard?

Migraneurs can manage their treatment better, by acting in timely manner, resulting in a decrease of painfulness of the disease. Brainguards solution will help you to prevent pain.

How can Brainguard support medical professionals?

In addition to alerting the patients to take timely medications, product development will be designed to transmit data regarding disease markers and physiological parameters to physicians. These vital parameters will provide medical professionals with comprehensive information while monitoring a migraine patient, and help them in the decision making process.

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