Types of headaches: is it the same migraine and headache

Many times, we observe that the same errors are repeated in a systematic way regarding the denomination of migraine. The error is repeated when you hear about it in the media. Also the patients themselves when they refer to their headache or that of a family member when visit their doctors. So that you have no doubt, the BrainGuard team explains the most important concepts in a simple way. How many types of headaches are there: it is the same migraines and headaches?

Types of headaches

There are more than 150 types of headaches. One of the main types of headache is the migraine, but it is not the only one. The headaches are divided into:

  • Primary: where the headache is the disease itself. Some examples would be: tension headache, migraine, cluster headache; among others.
  • Secondary: where the headache is a symptom of another disease. Some examples would be: headache secondary to a brain tumor, meningitis or cerebral hemorrhage.

As we said, migraine is a type of primary headache. It is characterized by a recurrent headache and a moderate-high intensity. In addition, it is associated with a series of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, intolerance to light or sound. The patient seeks to lie down, turn off the lights, no one bothers him. It usually lasts for hours or even days if it does not interrupt you with adequate analgesia. We already know how many types of headaches there are, migraine is a headache.

Adequate diagnosis

The percentage of primary headaches is much higher than secondary headaches. Although primary headaches can be very disabling they do not involve a vital risk for the patient. With a good clinical history and a correct examination, in the great majority of occasions, the doctor can reach the proper diagnosis.

We hope that now you have more clear that the differences between headache and migraine. But you can always ask your neurologist or family doctor. The website https://headaches.org is a digital resource that we recommend. It is made by experts in the field, where you can find definitions and explanation of the different types of headaches. You can also find recent research, tools such as calendars or even a forum for patients.

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