What is the BrainGuard project and how it was born

In this Blog entry, we will explain what is the BrainGuard project is and how it was born as a transfer project and as an R&D company.

What is the BrainGuard project?

BrainGuard is the first company that predicts in an objective, precise and personalized way the appearance of a migraine crisis. For this, it makes use of biometric signal monitoring. BrainGuard helps migraine sufferers by notifying them before the onset of a crisis so they can avoid pain and improve their quality of life.

To change the disease paradigm, BrainGuard develops predictive models using machine learning techniques. With this knowledge you can perform a personalized treatment based on the prescriptions of your trusted doctor. BrainGuard is the technology where doctors and patients come together. Both (clinicians and patients) are an important link in our value chain.

How the BrainGuard project was born

The BrainGuard project was born in 2014 following the MINECO research projects TEC2012-33892 at the Complutense University of Madrid, and FIS PI15/01976 at the La Princesa University Hospital in Madrid. BrainGuard Ltd. was born from the results of both projects after four years of research in the clinical and technical field. The goal of BrainGuard is to bring to society the most advanced results in the prediction of migraine attacks.

BrainGuard maintains a close contact with the academic and clinical field, since its founders have a scientific background. For these it is very important to generate new knowledge and transfer it to the market. BrainGuard is an R&D company and invests a large part of its benefits in the development of new predictive modeling techniques for chronic diseases that are symptomatic. As part of our research experience, we will reinvest 10% of profits in basic research in the prediction of migraine. This is also a strong point to register and train Master students with technical and clinical knowledge. This formula is possible thanks to the collaboration agreements with academic and clinical institutions. For BrainGuard it is important to have close access to the hospital, to facilitate communication with the clinical world and real patients.

BrainGuard as technological innovation

The BrainGuard research project has collaborated and collaborated with institutions such as the Carlos III University of Madrid, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the aforementioned La Princesa University Hospital in Madrid and the Complutense University of Madrid. In fact, BrainGuard Ltd. is a spin-off of these last two institutions. The company has the license of the intellectual property since the end of 2018.

The seed of entrepreneurship

Both the Complutense University of Madrid and the University Hospital of the Princess belong to the Madri+d Foundation for knowledge network. Madri+d connects the academy with the industry of the Community of Madrid, and of which BrainGuard is also part of having received the prize for the Best Idea Based on Technology of Madri+d 2017. BrainGuard also became an Ltd. company after their participation in the first edition of the HealthStart program in 2016. In that edition, thanks to the support of Madri+d, we knew how to help real patients. Therefore, we transfer the scientific results so that they will not remain in a drawer.

And that’s how the BrainGuard project was born. BrainGuard is research, it is development and innovation. Today is the migraine, tomorrow, what do you want it to be?